Do a little help today….

Two mothers are passengers of a public transportation. They get in before me. I stop the car and want to go home. Hope there’s still another chair for me inside. Silently everybody look each other, no one move and i’m confused. It seems that there is no chance for me, but the driver shout to the mothers to share me space. Finally I’m in.

Just another simple city story. But it gives me time to re-think what have I done these time. Do I still have sensitivity for others? Do I still care for everyone, even I just know nothing ’bout them? It’ll cost us zero to spend a smile or nice simple chat with other. Eventhough we think it is easy, thats the most hardest part to do.

So I say to my self… never feel bad for a long time…because there so much more affictions beside you, maybe now ‘they’ are sitting next to you. So what will be better? Make amend and spray a lilttle love everywhere..Let’s make earth be better place (after Jacko) 🙂


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